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    He can fuck her pussy at last.

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    Hubby pops off as he watches me ride the new neighbor till I scream…

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    I have to confess.  What I crave while having sex is to not only have an unbelievable physical experience, but also to capture for that moment an emotional tie as well.  What binds my heart to my partner is only found in her eyes.  If she is looking somewhere else or has her eyes closed, then the physical experience continues, but I lose that connection to her soul.  Yet if she looks at me with longing in her eyes, then I feel not only bound to her for that moment, but for time to come.  Her eyes pull me into her more powerfully than her pussy does my cock.  Close your eyes and you are mine, open your eyes and I am yours.

    That’s very, very true.

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    Go around the block a few more times… Almost there!!

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    Heaven’s Angel

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